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RoadHog Consoles Take Chase in New Bourne Film

BPL RoadHogs Take Chase in New Bourne Film
The latest installment of the Bourne movie franchise is currently being filmed in Las Vegas and High End Systems RoadHog Lighting Consoles are along for the ride. The consoles were sold by Blue Planet Lighting and are being used by the lighting technicians and crew, including inside vans during high speed car chase scenes. There are a multitude of technicians working on this movie... Click Here To Read More




February 2016 Blue Planet Lighting News

Blue Planet has released their February 2016 Stage Lighting Newsletter. Click below to read up on the latest happenings at Blue Planet Lighting....

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The new Elation ACL 360i is an amazing single beam moving effect luminaire featuring a single 60W RGBW 4-in-1 LED and the new...


New from Robe Lighting - The BMFL WashBeam - The strong-arm of the BMFL family... This super powerful BMFL™ WashBeam comes with extra...